AACS Equipped with EpiPens


Katherine Perry and Gabrielle Veler present at the May 2017
AACS School Board meeting about the need for EpiPens.


Ashtabula Area City Schools recently received stock epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPens) for each of their 7 buildings as a result of a student leadership project from back in 2017.

The project was for Youth Leadership Ashtabula County.  The students – Katherine Perry, Caitlin Enos, and Gabrielle Veler all 2018 graduates of Lakeside High School – recognized a need for EpiPens for students and visitors who may be experiencing a life- threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) in the school setting. The students researched and identified a program, EpiPen4Schools.  This program is through Mylan, the marketer and distributor of EpiPen and EpiPen Jr, and helps improve access to epinephrine.  The students presented this option to the AACS School Board in May 2017.  

Although the project was not acted on right away, the Board adopted the policy and administrative guidelines for EpiPens on July 1, 2019. The Administrative Guidelines were amended in November of 2019, AACS received two EpiPens per building in January of 2020 and are currently conducting training for administrators and other authorized users.

Due to the legwork of these three former students each building now has a two-pack carton of EpiPen Jr (0.15mg) and EpiPen (0.3mg) stored in the nurse's office.  The EpiPens are not meant to replace an individual's emergency anaphylaxis treatment, but rather for an emergency allergic reaction that may occur until EMS can be called. 

“We are thankful to the young ladies who led this project as our schools are a little safer for our students, staff, and visitors due to their work,” commented Superintendent Mark Potts. 

Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer Mark Astorino added, “I was very impressed with the presentation made by student leadership on this component of school health and safety.  We worked collaboratively with the districts primary care physician to secure the necessary EpiPen prescription and with our school nurses to secure the grant with Epipen4schools program.”

Kate Perry is now a sophomore at The University of Toledo majoring in Nursing. Caitlin Enos Scheuvront currently lives in Maryland with her husband who is in the United States Navy. Gabrielle Veler is attending Lakeland Community College and is employed at New Avenues to Independence.


EpiPensAACS Nurse Tina Perry poses with the EpiPens
and allergy emergency kit that each of the seven
Ashtabula City School buildings are now equipped with.