Bow Tie Cub Recognizes Positive Student Behavior

“Positive behavioral interventions and support (PBIS) is a school wide system providing a framework for positive recognition within our school,” explained AACS Behavior Coach Bill Bogen. “At Michigan primary the Bow Tie Club (BTC) is a PBIS system of positive behavioral acknowledgment for all students making positive choices while in our building of education,” stated Bogen.

The Bow Tie Club originated in the Michigan Primary kindergarten grade level as two students took a liking to the bow ties that Bogan would wear to school.  “These two kindergarten students began wearing bow ties and thus a strategy was born and is being utilized with incredible results.  Sebastian Calloway and Paul Kenyon were the inspiration for what has become the most sought after recognition in our building,” indicated Bogen.

Bow Tie Club

Michigan Principal Beckie Evanson explained “the Bow Tie Club is part of our PBIS/PAX program to help create a positive learning environment. This is part of our school wide program. Kindergarten students are nominated by staff for showing the positive characteristics of “Leader, Learner, and Friend to All” They do this by following school expectations, trying their best in class, and always using kind words and actions.”

“Each Thursday new members are inducted, and given a bow tie or hair bow to show that they are members of the Bow Tie Club. Students already in the club are encouraged to wear their bow tie or hair tie on Thursdays.  A paper bow tie with the students’ pictures are added to our ROAR Wall in the main hallway of the school,” Evanson said.

“As the world around us has changed, so must our strategies and actions within our school buildings. Using whole school teamwork and the diligent efforts of the entire staff a wildly successful behavioral strategy was born, explained Bogen.  “As adults we research and work, hoping to find ways to help our students when often the only thing we need to do is slow down look and listen to our students. Let them teach us as they will show what they seek and what they need,” he stated.

“The Bow Tie Club is a great example of adults paying attention to what motivates students in their buildings and using that to encourage good behavior and academic achievement,” commented Superintendent Mark Potts. Thanks to Sebastian and Paul working with Mr. Bogan the bow Tie club is alive and well at Michigan Primary providing positive behavioral interventions and support.   

Bow Tie Club Kids