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Preschool Supply List


Here are a few items that your child will need for preschool:


  • 1 book bag (large enough for a folder to fit in)
  • An extra change of clothes (in ziploc bag with child’s name on it)


  • 2 boxes Crayola Crayons (24 count)
  • 1 box Crayola Markers
  • 1 set Crayola watercolors
  • 1 package Expo colored dry erase markers
  • 2 glue sticks (Elmer’s)
  • 1 bottle glue (Elmer’s)


  • Paper Plates (AM classes: mini sized plates/PM classes: regular sized plates)
  • 1 box Kleenex (AM classes only)
  • 1 package paper towels (PM classes only)
  • 1 package baby wipes (both AM and PM classes)
  • 1 box ziploc bags (AM classes: quart size/PM classes: gallon size)



                   Ashtabula Area City Schools     

      Primary Supply List - Grades K - 2


Everyone in K- 2:

1 - large book bag - no wheels


4 - Crayola crayons 24 pack 


6 - glue sticks


10-12 - #2 pencils (Made in USA pencils)


1 - plastic supply box


2 - boxes of tissues


4 pack - Expo black dry-erase markers 


1 pack - Crayola markers


1 - pair of blunt tip scissors (rounded)


BOYS - 1 box of gallon-size ziplock baggies (sliders)

GIRLS - 1 box of quart-size ziplock baggies (sliders)


Preschool and Kindergarten only: 

1  change of clothes (pants, socks, underpants in a ziploc bag with child’s name)


Kindergarten only:


1 - three-prong pocket folder

Crayola watercolor paint


Grade 1 only:

2- three-prong pocket folders


Grade 2 only:

3 - spiral notebooks (blue, green, red) 

3 - three-prong pocket folders (blue, green, red)

1- bottle of Elmer's white glue


Kindergarten students are marked Tardy after 8:00AM. 
If your child will be absent please call the school at 440-992-1250 by 8:30 am. You will receive and automated call any time your child is absent from school. This is part of House Bill 410 attendance notification. 
If you are changing your child's transportation for the day please send a note in to the teacher.
Any time you are picking your child up from school in the office, please bring photo ID. If you need to send someone else to pick up your child please send a note to the teacher with the name of the person picking up the child and ask the person to bring in photo ID.